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Carefree and comportable holidays with our rental motorhomes.

Absolute freedom, self-determination and setting your own pace are important to you, yet you're not sure whether camping is your kind of holiday.

We offer a large selection of the very latest motorhomes for rent. This way you can find out for yourself whether or not you're cut out to be a camper.

Our vehicles are equipped with*

Our vehicles are equipped with*

  • awning
  • bicycle rack
  • fully automatic satellite systems & TFT Flatscreen TV
  • solar energy system
  • and a lot more

*may be different in individual cases

Excerpt of our rental terms

Excerpt of our rental terms

  • rental period up to 13 days; 250 km/day free - extra kilometres EUR 0,30/km
  • all kilometres are free for rental periods of 14 days and longer
  • fully comprehensive insurance with EUR 1000 excess
  • pick-up/return of vehicles MON - FRI
  • interior cleaning to be performed by renter
  • EUR 500 cash deposit

We would be happy to offer our advice and we provide all possible variations of vehicles.

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